Photobook is available in a basic FREE version and in a more advanced “PRO” version.
Technical specifications of the two versions are listed below:

FREE version

  • Folder Manager:
    This function allows the website owner to organize the folders ( Macro Categories ).
    The owner will be able to edit, delete and add folders.
    Each folder can contain pictures or entire albums.
  • Album Manager:
    As for the folder, the owner will be able to set up the albums ( Sub-Categories ) to divide into more detailed sub-folders very heavy albums. Example: Folder: Views –> Albums: Sea, Mountain, Night-Time, Etc.
  • Pictures Manager:
    It allows to add, edit and delete a picture and add a description text.
  • Objects Locator:
    Both pictures and albums can be relocated at a mouse click.
    An album and its pictures can be relocated from a folder to another one and a single picture can be relocated in a different album or folder.
  • View Manager:
    It allows to make “invisible” certain pictures and Albums to different users.
  • Photo Protection:
    Photobook was created using Macromedia Flash Technology which guarantees a higher protection of the pictures shown as it doesn’t allow the user to use the common “Save target as…” function.

PRO version

In addition to the FREE version, the PRO version includes the following functions:

  • Folder and Album Protection:
    The Photobook user has the option to protect certain data by only allowing them to be seen by authorized users.
  • User Manager:
    The website administrator can manage the access to reserved areas assigning passwords created by the administrator himself and assigned to the interested users.
    For each user it will then be possible to decide which album and folder that specific user will be allowed to enter.
    All the protected areas will obviously not be accessible by the rest of the users.
  • Statistics:
    In the administration panel there is a simple statistic system which allows to monitor the hits for every picture contained in the Photobook.
    Statistic data can be organized by hits number, date and picture name.
  • Logo:
    In the PRO version user can customize the logo of personal Photobook.

Technical Specifications

Photobook is created using Macromedia Flash Technology and needs a MySQL database on Linux Hosting.


  • FREE VERSION: € 0,00 (no cost)
  • PRO VERSION: € 24,90

Photobook will be setup on the free web domain with 20MB of free space for the FREE versione and 50MB for the PRO version. (more info on

Photobook will be setup on a personal web domain with 100MB of free space for your photos, 1 email account, 1 database MySQL. Price: €. 39,00 yearly.

Prices V.A.T. included.